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Me batchelor party

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Just remembered this from talking to Alex. :jesuswept: 28 year later.



Well it was the second one my official one was in the Portland in town.


The day before I was to get married a quiet few pints turned into a festival of drink.


Met me best man in the Puffing Billy to have a few pints, nothing daft.


Ended up in forest hall club with a squad of lads I knew. The band had not turned up so somehow I blagged my way onto the stage to help out (with the help of me mates) had a few words with the resident band and decided to do a few numbers. First one Sweet Sixteen (Ringo Starr) Started off with the music a commitee man began screaming get him off I know him get him off he's a idiot etc etc. I got you come on like a dream when the curtain shut I was fighting with a member of the band trying to retain the mike. Just managed to get me head through the curtain and sing peaces and cream when the bastard pushed me off the stage. :lol: Straight on top of some poor fucker below a allmighty fight ensued.


Me and my best man decided it would be best to part with the lads. One of us came up with the idea of going to the Brandling bar in Gossy park the idea being a nice quiet drink with the opportunity of a late one due to it being a function venue.


Got there no probs but with beer on board decided to crash a private function. Got to the door just to be told we could not get in. Told the bloke on the door (continuing the musical theme) that we were part of the band. Starts luaghing and lets us in. It was only a Calypso band everyone of the mebers from the caribean. He just let us stay anyway.


Got home to my aunties where i was staying fell onto her fridge and knocked it over, pissed the bed so endeth my marital freedom. Best man spewed up in the church. I had black and white ribbons on my car. Blaydon races played in the church on the way out I remeber they would not let me have as one of my songs :icon_lol:


So cheers Alex you have helped clear up the mystery of why my aunty stopped speaking to me

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