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...........When Beckham went to LA Galaxy at the same time I was cast in a big film I considered it to be more than serendipity. I imagined it to be destiny and am therefore presuming that this Milanese swan-song will be the forebear of a spate of Fellini-esque films where I frolic in fountains and puff sexily on fags - though not in public like William Gallas as it is frowned upon.


Sometimes I see footballers in nightclubs, trawling the spangled, nocturnal glare for sexy gems, at least, that's what I'm doing, and I think "get to bed" - particularly if they're West Ham. So Gallas, who I've seen a couple of times, ought to knock the smoking on the bonce, or, should we go the other way and encourage footballers to smoke whilst playing? I'd like to see matches where teenagers totter down the flank with a tumbler of gin toking on a Benson's. Perhaps the Gunners should inaugurate this scheme tomorrow when they visit Upton Park - that'd make things a bit more interesting."

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