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Unfortunately we've had no response from anyone at NUFC as yet.


As for the website, a few of us will be meeting soon to discuss ideas as how we can improve and develop it.


The website payment situation is something we know is a problem at the minute. I believe the problem is that we need to provide bank statements for paypal before they can activate the paypal account properly. I'm not entirely sure where we are with that as I'm neither setting up the paypal account nor dealing with the bank account. As far as I'm aware though we're getting closer to getting that sorted.


Membership cards should be being sent out now. I did the welcome letter last week and sent it to the relevent people sending out the cards etc, so those of you who've paid up should have your card soon. We've put in orders for extra stuff that members will be getting - pin badges, car stickers, key rings etc so they should be coming through in a few weeks.


We're looking at getting another members meeting in, probably in 2-3 weeks time and also an event for NUSC members possibly around Christmas but more likely just after the New Year

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