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It was more a case of 'when' rather than 'if' when it came to him being sacked tbh...



The thing of it is, they employ folk like Gaunt, Whale, Durham and even back in the day Caesar the Geezer, because they infuriate people to the point of boiling their piss so they ring in, they have no one to blame but themselves.


The best of the lot was Tommy Boyd, he was the god of WUM's I never heard him lose an argument on air and could tie the fuck-wits calling in in nots, he eventually was sacked when he forgot to hit the mute button when someone rang in to slag off the recently deceased Queen Mother.

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Ahh, the Collings and Herrin podcast will be interesting this week.


They mentioned it on last Fridays, didn't really do too much though.


So they did - I've been catching up on my pods (so to speak) this lunchtime. I foolishly assumed it was a newer story.

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He'd only been supended then and they fully expected him to return once the story had been milked for all the publicity it was worth. I'm sure it'll get another mention.




Collings turned up like a bad penny at midday. I don't have the heart to tell him that now I have done a proper TV show I don't really have to carry on with his rinky-dink, toytown podcast. It is his whole world to him. He's only got this and his occasional appearances on News 24, which is actually just a joke channel, set up to take the piss out of him and only goes out on his TV. I knew that as of 9pm tonight I was back on the BBC and back to the superstar lifestyle that I once enjoyed. Deadwood like Collings will be discarded as soon as I can convince him I've moved out of the country.





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