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It was slow, too big, really user-unfriendly and androids latest os isnt great (personally prefer the one before it, which I had on my old phone). Also there seems to be a lot of anti-apple fanboys who are so much worse than apple fanboys, I was just surprised they went in about the s3 so much when it didn't seem that great IMO. Also got a friend who works at orange and he says he'd never recommend it, apparently that HTC is deece though, but all androids on the same os seem the same to me

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Looks like a fake to me based upon the plethora of rumours flying around. There seems to be some legs in the idea of a taller iPhone (which I'm not sure about) and more than a few sites have been running the change in doc connector (which will be a massive PITA if true) but cosmetically its not going to be hugely different. I have to say, I don't care if it looks largely the same, the design works. You dont see most manufacturers making wholesale changes to their designs very often. The last few iterations of HTC devices and Samsung devices in particular have been creeping ever closer to the iPhone design and layout and even the OS has a more iOS feel.


I think all of the smartphones are reaching a bit of a stalemate imo, there's only so much they can do until the next big technology breakthrough is made. Same with computer CPU's for example. Years ago they were doubling in speed and adding in new tech. Now, the curve has slowed and it needs to make the next leap before the surge of development starts again.


I'll get a 5. My 4 is two years old and my 12 month contract expires on the 28th Oct. I cant stand the feel Android as an OS and the apps just feel poor in comparison.


Given the amount of Apple kit I have, I'm sure I probably count as a fanboy, but that's not the reason why I'll be sticking with them - I just like how the stuff works. I guess I'm pretty invested now too with apps for both phones (the mrs & I), my ipad, & 2x macbooks. I'm expecting a hardware upgrade, but it will likely be in keeping with the more rapid release of Android phones. In fairness Samsung and the like were late to the party and so had to make massive leaps to catch up - hence the rapid releases and in some cases, with higher tech than the equivalent iphone at that time. Android phones always feel like cheap throwaway copies imo. It's not a rational opinion I know, given how much they cost etc. Maybe I am a fanboy after all. Thing is, a Mondeo and a 3 series are both similar sized cars and do the same job (and can have comparable spec). I know which I'd rather have though and you can tell the difference when you sit in each of them.

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Arghhh! Heap of shit. My on/off button has stopped working, in addition to my home button (only partially works). Two buttons and they're both fucked. This is forcing me to trade in this weekend for an android, but will wreck my resale. Wish I'd done this last month as I had planned, bet the iPhone 5 is gash anyway.

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I use macs, the last thing i'd want is a fucking Android phone. My 4S is an iPod which I can use as a phone and to access the internet. I've got tv shows downloaded from the BBC on it but have never watched them. I need a phone to do a limited set of tasks, be a phone, send email, access internet, read news apps and be an iPod.


What other things do people use these Android phones for? Which part of it being a phone/email/internet/news app/ipod require 'customisation'?


From the tech blogs i read, the opinion within the developer community is that the Android ecosystem philosophy produces poorer quality apps


Meanwhile in the discussion on Branch (side note: it's already useful) about Android fragmentation, there's a comment from Matt Brezina - co-founder and chief executive of Sincerely, and previously the founder of Outlook inbox organiser Xobni:


I'm on the front lines - building both iPhone & Android apps. I won't comment on the revenue disparity between the two - that is for a different branch. But I will say we release lower quality, less tested apps on Android because we can never test all devices - we test live with our customers. It sucks. Luckily the Android customers know to submit their android device & OS whenever they send us bug reports.


Fragmentation in my experience has produced less, and lower quality apps.


My understanding is that all the souped up specs that get geek blogs excited are required to handle the inefficiencies in the Android app ecosystem.

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yup pretty much chez, and like i've said before another problem is android is then not always available right away when the latest version is out because


Android comes out

> samung have to update it with their touchwiz stuff and release it

> htc have to put Sense on it and release it


this is the problem they had when gingerbread came out, htc said "yeah no bother we can give everyone gingerbread" they all bought phones then it came out and they realised they couldn't fit gingerbread+Sense hardware wise on the older devices they'd been billing as gingerbread ready.


you can't just get it right from google unless you've one of their phones, i've my iphone jailbroke took me no time and i can customise what i want, and as dubious as i was

MusicMatch works brilliantly and is fantastic for £20 a year, used to to fix up my collection which had some corruption or lower bitrate files from years ago.



Each to thier own though, personally android aside the handset itself (galaxy siii/desire hd) are too big imo, my ipod has served me well for years and i'm happy enough with the iphone as well.

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Well maybe I inherited a lemon but ffs, it will cost me more to get these buttons repaired than the phone is worth. It's been treated well, never dropped, not a scratch on it. Look on forums about these button problems, hundreds of complaints and no solutions. Definitely a hardware design fault. And then there's iTunes which is hardly compatible with a pc.

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