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Mozilla Firefox

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would it solve a non connection problem with Internet Explorer or do you need to have IE working.


Its my neighbour again, I don't know what he does but I would like to get his PC going so he can't mess it up again.

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Try it, it's only a small download after all.


Aye it's worth a try, although you have to be going some to break IE and still keep the internet connection, so it's probably a long shot.

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I don;t know what he's done. I don't know what he does, I don't think he knows either. His son has gave him this PC, with windows XP. It was working before - so he says - then for some reason it stopped him sending out emails. He' a retired electician, and has all sorts of electric things, phone leads, fuck knows, and I have never set up a belkin router in the first place.


We uninstalled his firefox to go back to basics because he didn't understand what he was told by the helpdesk, on the basis that if IE and OE worked, at least I could work it from there.


Then he found that his sone appears not to have the firefox installation prog stored anywhere, aside of that we couldn't get IE or OE working again anyway.


doing me head in....

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