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Train tickets

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Got a week off coming up, and I was hoping to catch up with some old friends. Basically that will involve travelling from the south of england to the north east, then down to yorkshire, then onto cardiff, then back to the south. I've worked out that I will be making 3 single journeys and 1 return over a period of 9 days at most.


I've got a young persons railcard, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other way I could cut down the expensive rail costs, apart from booking in advance. Are there any 1 week passes that aren't hideously expensive that would suit me? Or perhaps a single website that could work out the cheapest fares



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Just realised that if someone is a whizzkid at this sort of thing they might want a bit firmer details:


1/ Oxford to Sheffield on Friday/Saturday

2/ Sheffield to Newcastle - day return on Saturday or Sunday to watch a big game

3/ Sheffield to Cardiff on Tuesday

4/ Cardiff to Oxford on Friday/Saturday


found a 7 day rover that allows travel on all lines, which would be £245 with a railcard - but I'm guessing singles would be cheaper



any help?

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Guest alex
£245!!! Fuck me, just book a week in barcelona and meet them all there

They won't be there though. ;)

Got to be nearly as cheap to hire a car though, I'd have thought.

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