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Man City 2-1 Newcastle United

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Neither of who will be with us after the window closes, only my opinion of course


Although I wont be sad to see the back of N`Zogbia, Shay on the other hand has been a great keeper and stayed loyal for a long time


If the money gets re-invested then it goes some way to recompence although if they ley N`Zogbia go on loan then they want shagging for letting him get his own way


I will be shocked if we sign any players of note before the end of the window and that is very depressing but looking more a reality day by day

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Reckon we'll get tanked tonight. I can see Bellamy getting one in typical ex player style.


I do actually hope we get beat, pushing us a place below (if Blackburn win). It might actually wake the management up to think that something seriously needs to be done before the window shuts. We're in freefall if we do lose.

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So whats the likely line up?



Taylor Coloccini Bassong Enrique

Gutierrez Barton Geremi Duff

Owen Carroll


Oh my Taylor will get shagged all night if robinho plays, Geremi will be pulled apart by ireland, Duff will spend most of the night chasing Wright-Phillips.

Saying that id hope that JFK would put duff in the middle instead of geremi and played lovenkrands out wide.


Heres hoping we get a lucky chance early on and owen or carroll take advantage of Big Dunne not playing.


Not hopefull at all if truth be known.

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