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What Are You Watching?

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I love Auf Wiedershen Pet, one of my all time fave shows. When I was flying back from my jollies last week I was watching a few episodes and couldnt sop laughing at Oz. Then it struck me, I always relate @@McFaul as an Oz type character and then I thought who the rest of the board are like;


@@McFaul - Oz

@@Monkeys Fist - Wayne

@@Alex - Dennis

@@Christmas Tree - Barry :lol:

@@Gemmill - Bomber

@@Happy Face - Neville

@@Holden McGroin - Moxey





Just got this. Done me hand in and not been able to type. Brenda's going mad I can't work.

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I finished Hannibal last week which I really enjoyed - it got a bit weird as it went on but still hit the mark for what I was looking for.


I've tried Daredevil but 2 eps in I've had enough - not enough imagination and I don't like his sidekick lawyer so I think I'll stop there.


After Hannibal I think I've been inspired by Ms Anderson so will switch to the recent X-Files and The Fall.

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