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Bruce Manager of NUFC

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Just look at his little face.  

He's just another Pardew for me.  Didn't like the fucker before he came here, didn't like him when he was here, and I'll continue disliking him after he's left.   Just another snidey snake i

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55 minutes ago, Polarboy said:

Bruce :


“Over this period, we’ve had illness, more importantly than anything, and injuries.” He told the Newcastle Chronicle.

“Even tomorrow, we’ve got three centre backs out.

“It’s not just a defender, a midfielder and a forward player – all our injuries tomorrow are in a certain position.

“We’ve been a bit unfortunate in that respect, but as I said I never look for excuses like that because it’s part and parcel of it.”


Fucking hell, what a cunt he is. Makes every excuse in the book in almost every interview he does, and then at the end says he never looks for excuses, and this isn't the first time he's said he doesn't look for excuses. It's literally the poorest attempt at gaslighting I've ever seen, and there's plenty of competition online, in politics, and the media.

He’s talking shite because Dummitt is a left back and Clark and Fernandez are central defenders,unless he thinks Clark and Fernandez are left backs,which he may.

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21 hours ago, Sonatine said:


For a man who likes to claim he can take stuff on the chin, he clearly doesn't seem capable of doing so.


The only thing his chin can take is brown sauce from his bacon sarnies, the cabbage faced prick.

Which one of you is Simon Bird? UM!

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He's clearly not enjoying it, he's lost the fans, he's likely lost the players. Just resign Steve, you'd immediately regain a scintilla of respect form the Newcastle fans, as Gullit did. You'd still be able to get another job in the Championship and you'd avoid the heartattack that is waiting around the next corner. 


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17 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Clinging on to this top flight job since he knows it’s his last one before disappearing back into obscurity

I agree.Chairmen will be watching and taking note of what he’s saying and how we are playing and hopefully say ‘ No fuckin way is he coming anywhere near my club’ 

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Looks like Withnail when he realises they haven’t got any aspirin. Probably for the same reasons. He’s not throwing the towel in though. People like him would rather take a club down than lose out on their payoff. As for the ‘injury crisis’ it doesn’t really wash as an excuse when you’re constantly having them at every club you manage because of your training methods 

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‘We’re missing him and him’

’Him and him are back but now we’re missing him and him’

Every club has injuries .All his attackers are fit.His two keepers are fit.Shelvey,The Saint and TOT,his three favourites,are fit.His three favourites weren’t producing the goods before their injuries.Will he play BUJ tonight as a final insult to us before leaving on a low? Will the newspapers now say it the way they know it is because they’re now not welcome at Brucey’s press conferences?

Brucey’s last game as our clueless,incompetent manager?

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Villa fan here in peace.


what’s happening at your club is giving me horrible deja vu. Can’t help but feel that Bruce is the symptom but he’s not the cause of your problems.


That being said, he’s a terrible manager. Negative, defensive, divisive. Some of the stuff he’s coming out with is very reminiscent of what he did with us. Blaming the fans. Saying we were expecting too much.


The truth is he isn’t good enough for your club like he wasn’t good enough for mine. He’s a pawn, a shield for your bellend of an owner to take some of the heat off him.


Really hope you guys get your wish and he disappears back to the championship but I can’t help feel that until you fix the real problem you’ll end up with another in your long line of terrible managers.


Good luck for the rest of the season. 

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16 minutes ago, essembeeofsunderland said:

He’ll be telling Ashley that if injuries and COVID get us relegated ,because he won’t take any blame,he’s the best man to get us back up at the first attempt.


His name is Jeff Hendrick


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