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UMC L216 22B

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My Dad got one of these yesterday for upstairs and he can't find the headphone socket, does anyone have any experience with where it might be hiding?


I have checked the spec online and it has one for sure.


I'm not going over till tomorrow so some advice would be good :nufc:

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Ah nice one.


He's getting a sound system for it anyway at some point but some headphones will do the trick for now.


He just likes to put a music DVD on and have some proper volume with a few beers on a weekend/late evening kind of thing.


I'll give it a shot tomorrow, hopefully it will only take a minute but it's that much of an obscure brand it's hard to find any decent information.




This is the TV.

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5/5 5 / 5

UMC LCD 16 January 2009

review by: chalkie (read all my reviews) (read all my reviews)


"the only problem I found with this tv

is that there is no headphone outputthat you can feed to an amp AUX

theres only an output audio on play back for

the dvd side but all the rest tick all the boxes"


From the comet review section.

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