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1 hour ago, AlbertSmith50 said:

Something will happen December 3rd after the fight between Fury & Usyk who will be in the house. Joshua been visiting Chisora at his training camp - AJ could be there as well (lol royal rumble might happen)


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I watched it on hooky telly. Boxing is fucking ridiculous though. That was a PPV event, and an open air stadium event for a title fight given out as a favour to his mate that has 12 defeats on his record.


Fury could have finished it whenever he felt like, but he stood him up and dragged it out. 

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Just now, AlbertSmith50 said:

59,769 people personally paid to attend the fight.

Would you call that successful?easy1.JPG.3ac40da514d8c5240522df49bdf03b0f.JPG


Not only that but a lot of countries worldwide showed the fight.


2023 I want to see Fury vs Usyk, Fury vs Joyce and save the easiest fight for last, Fury vs Joshua😉



failing that I’d settle for Fury vs Usyk, Fury vs Joyce and Joshua vs Wilder

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