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Recommend me something to watch!

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I was rewatching Breaking Bad and it struck me that it’s similar to Kojak, because there’s police in BB and Walter is Bald and Kojak is a bald policeman. 

I’m not normally one for conspiracy theories, but there's a brilliant documentary on BBC2 about Covid. Two Chinese scientists from the Wuhan research centre, where Trump suspects it was engineered, we


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15 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

I developed an almost pathological hatred fro Carter USM, I’m talking eye twitches whenever I heard or the saw the cunts :D 


What you describe isnot pathological, it's rational. I saw these two twats three times ffs. Why?


PWEI were good at the time, I thought. Okay Indie first album and breakthrough second. Will download some on Spotify tonight and almost certainly think they're shit by tomorrow mind. 


Edit: just remembered Beaver Patrol  Think I'll pass. One for MF though. :D

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1 hour ago, Meenzer said:

I still like Carter. :lol: And PWEI's swerve to industrial rock/Prodigy collaborations in '94 was quite entertaining. EMF were always gash though.

I went to the carter gig at the Brixton academy a few years back where they played every track off 101 damnations. So bad it was good. Lots of hairy middle aged men in attendance.

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1 hour ago, Gemmill said:

The Wonderstuff output holds up. Ned's Atomic Dustbin, not so much. 

They’re another one. It really doesn’t. I had another go recently and it was a bit meh.

Was anyone ever into Cud? They were a strange band. I was surprised to find their stuff on Spotify. Obscure but listenable. Same goes for kingmaker 

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