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Guest Stevie

That Tino story pmsl. PMSL. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


They're all on the coach to Man City away, they had a video on the coach for Only Fools n Horses, old football videos etc... so half way doon Tino sticks a video in for the bus, "you will like, you will like", and Keegan's looking saying alright Tino stick it in, he puts it on starts like a normal film, all the team are like looks like a good film this Tino beautiful women, two seconds later tops are off and some porn star is suckin off this fuckin bloke, Keegan's like "Tino wooooooah" Tino goes its ok it is my missis.. pmsl

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Was interesting to hear the banter between the ex-pros. I'd not been that interested in the previous epeisodes of this, but I might tune in, just for the old stories.


Beresford's hair btw :lol:

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