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Sir Bobby Robson passes away age 76

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WTF is Dog?


Brown Ale.


and Stevie is going to straight up murder you



Why DOG?


From Wiki:


In Newcastle, the beer is often called 'Dog' (or simply 'Broon'). The 'Dog' name comes from the euphemism "I'm going to walk the dog" - meaning "I'm going to the pub" - and was further popularised by a 1980s advertising campaign.


Not sure Bobby was fond of Dog or alcohol in general tbh.

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Aye, looking forward to watching that.  The bitter mackems are going to be all over this btw. 

WTF is Dog?


Brown Ale.


and Stevie is going to straight up murder you



Why DOG?


It reminds me of home. It's something I have always associated with Newcastle and NUFC, partly from our days when we were sponsored by Blue Star (family friends worked there too and helped brew it) and from when our kit carried the logo I suppose. I still have two bottles of the special edition Shearer Brown Ale.


The Grandad collar shirt with the Brown Ale logo is still the best shirt we have ever had imo.


Anyway, I digress.


Wykikitoon - I can't believe you asked that question :lol: Maybe I am old after all?

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Tributes to Sir Bobby

Football's stars give their memories


Don Howe (Robson's assistant manager with England)


"It is a sad day, and although we knew he was ill it still comes as a shock to the system. I have known him since the 50's when he got transferred from Fulham up to West Brom and we just gelled together. He was a standard man, whatever he talked about or did he wanted to do the best he could possibly do.


When you got to know Bobby and the way he conducted himself, you could always sense his discipline and his standards. Everyone remembers Maradona and the 'Hand of God' and the huge outcry over that, but Sir Bobby always kept his calm. You can imagine what the dressing room was like with all the players upset that the referee had not seen the hand - Bobby just kept his cool all the way through it. He accepted that sometimes you get a decision from a referee that you have to just take. Sometimes you don't get the run of the ball - he always presented himself spot on and was first class.


He loved the game and when he got the England job he made a great success of it - we did not win anything but we got close. He mixed well with the players but at the same time he never hesitated to show them that he was the boss. If he had to sort them out then he sorted them out. He wanted good football being played and wanted the players to have good discipline on and off the pitch."


Terry McDermott (former Newcastle and England footballer)


"It's devastating really. Everyone knew it was coming - the people that saw him last weekend in the charity game could see he wasn't well, but it shows the courage of the man to turn up in front of 33,000 people and get the send-off he deserved. He was a fantastic football person.


He really built a smalltown club into one came very, very close to winning the championship in the eighties. He was a fantastic football person and although everyone knew he was in trouble, it's still a shock to everybody. Everybody remembers him for being a nice person but what a great football person as well. He'll be badly missed, not just in Newcastle but by football people all over England.


His honesty shone through. If you're a manager and you show players trust and honesty, you will get it back and he certainly had that in abundance. Everywhere he was, not just in England but abroad as well, everybody loved it. He was one of those guys you couldn't fail to like."


Ray Clemence (played under Robson for England, 1982-84)


"It really is a sad day for football and football people. Our hearts got out to Elsie and Bobby's family. I was privileged enough to be out in Portugal three or four weeks ago for his charity golf tournament and sat at his table at the gala dinner and Bobby was fantastic.


Obviously he looked very ill, but he was determined to travel out to Portugal for his charity tournament and help the Portuguese orphanage that he had raised so much money for. It was a special weekend and it was lovely to be around him; he was a special person as everyone has said.


His honesty and enthusiasm for the game as a player and then a manager was there, right up to the very end. Whenever he spoke about football, even as ill as he was, his enthusiasm shone through; how he loved the game, cared for the game and wanted people to do well for the game."


Glenn Hoddle (played under Robson for England, 1982-88)


"It's very sad for everyone and our feelings go out to Bobby's family and obviously for everyone in football, it's a very, very sad day.


Playing under him, he was a very endearing man and you endeared yourself to him. He was quite a comical man - not knowingly sometimes - and a wonderful football man. You could see the respect the players gave him, around the world. The respect was worldwide.


He was a very open and honest person. He was somebody that would talk to you, come up and tell you if you were playing well, indifferent, or if you were being left out of the team. He was one of those guys who you really did take to. You had respect for him and what he'd done in football but also off the pitch. He was a very charming man, but also a winner and to get that chemistry is very difficult - but Bobby had it in abundance."


Ray Wilkins (played under Robson for England, 1982-86)


"I'm absolutely devastated. He was an absolute gentleman and you don't come across too many people like Bobby in this world. I'm sure the whole football world will be devastated as well, he was a smashing guy and lived his life with humility.


He was fantastic to play under, just a laugh minute, but extremely serious when it came down to the real business. Everyone had the utmost respect for him.


I'll always remember when I spoke to Albert Ferrer after he came to Chelsea about Bobby when he was manager of Barcelona. He said the players just wanted to run a bit further for him and I think that just sums him up."


Warren Barton (played under Robson for Newcastle, 1999-01)


"Hopefully his legacy will continue because he was magnificent. He was the best manager I had in terms of the whole package. His enthusiasm, his desire to do well, he was black and white through and through.


He was a great footballer too and he always used to remind us in training. He represented his country 20 times, played for numerous clubs and we had a terrific time when he came to Newcastle.


He got them into the Champions League and look where they are now. So it's a testament to him. He was a great man, a great person and he will be sorely missed."


Steve McClaren (former England head coach)


"To be so successful and to be loved by everybody, well that is special and that says something about the man. The game will be worse for Sir Bobby Robson leaving us. I think the key thing from him was the passion for the game - when I saw him two months ago that passion was still there, he was still sharp and talking about football so enthusiastically.


When you start out in any career, you look at role models and you say I would love to have a career like him. When you look at his career, well ever coach will hope they have a career like him. He always gave me great advice and upon leaving the England job he advised me to go over to Holland - it was the best advice I have ever had.


He gave so much to football in the North East - that is where are rivalry began and our friendship began when I was the manager of


Middlesbrough and we had many tussles. Nine times out of ten I came out on the wrong side. Managing footballers is the most challenging job in the world and to do what he did and to be so successful and still have the respect and admiration of great players, well that for me says it all."


Freddy Shepherd (appointed Robson at Newcastle)


"He was the elder statesman of world football. No matter where he went in the world - we went to China and we had a crowd of three thousand waiting for his autograph. He was always recognised.


He was too crafty for me, I could not play him but he certainly knew how to play me - 99 times out of a hundred he got what he wanted. Letting him go; it was a board decision and I had to carry out what the board decided. It was very sad day for me and although I had to do it I never really fell out with him. We kept in touch and were great friends. He was football, and he had time for everyone."


Peter Reid (played under Robson for England, 1985-88)


"It's a very sad day for English football and obviously my sympathies go out to Bobby's family. First of all he was a very warm man. If you can be a nice person and football manager, he was that nice person. He had a tremendous knowledge of the game and his enthusiasm was second to none.


Even when I was managing up at Sunderland not so long ago and he was the rival manager at Newcastle at a ripe old age, he was still like a young man. He was always a gentleman, in victory and defeat, and it's a really sad day for English football.


He got a few names wrong, but he always got his message across. Tactically he was very astute and from my point of view, playing under him and managing against him, he was just a really nice human being, a nice man. I am due home next week, so hopefully I can make the funeral; it would be nice to pay my respects to Sir Bobby."


Roger Osborne (played under Robson for Ipswich, 1973-81)


"Simply he was a workaholic. He would turn up at Ipswich at 9am and leave at 1am the next morning. He did that for 12-13 years, he was always at the club.


It was quite easy for him to tell me I was dropped because he was forever dropping me. We had a small squad at the time and it was very close knit. He got it like that and players who tended to play for him tended to do it for 10-11 years - we had testimonial after testimonial.


He came from Fulham where he was unfortunately sacked but he was a very determined young man. Everybody at Ipswich just took to Bobby and they loved him down this part of the country. We had the 30th year anniversary of the FA Cup final last year and Bobby came down for that. We went around the town in an open-top bus and we did say at the time that the crowds had not come to see us, they came to see Bobby."


Gary Lineker (played under Robson for England, 1984-90)


"I was deeply saddened to hear of Bobby Robson's death. He was a great football man. He had a tremendous enthusiasm and passion for football and life and continued to retain this right to the last days of his life.


He will be deeply missed by everyone, especially those who played for him. I have the fondest memories of playing for him at two World Cups.


In recent years he undertook a great deal of work for his cancer charity and raised the profile considerably in addition to the monies raised."


Jimmy Hill (played with Robson for Fulham)


"I remember him as a young man of 19-20 who was outstanding for his age and he was playing inside right for the Fulham team. I was playing that position before the manager realised that Bobby was old enough to play for the first team. I got pushed back to a midfield position which was my first introduction to him as a player


As a young man he appeared quiet and very well behaved but as he grew older and moved up in the game, his talent made him special and he had to grow up very quickly - he was a personality as well as a player. It was his pace that made him special - if someone put through a through ball he was onto it and he was a brilliant shot.


As a manager, he was bright enough to have learned from those who he had played with to make things happen. He was extremely clever and enthusiastic which rubbed off onto his team. In those days you would take on every new idea or conception that came along. You would say yes because you were so thrilled to being on the football ladder. With his talent, well everybody wanted him."


Sir John Hall (Newcastle chairman, 1992-97)


"We all knew that this day was going to come as we've seen him fight this illness over the last few years.


He fought it all the way and he launched himself into the cancer charities and he never let the illness get on top of him, but unfortunately the day of his death has come and it's a sad day.


Looking at him as a person he was tremendous man. He was honest he had integrity and he inspired. He was always so approachable and he never turned anyone away, he was a man of the people."


Rob Lee (Played under Robson for Newcastle, 1999-2002 )


"We knew him by reputation, but until you actually meet the man and you work with him you don't realise not just what a great manager he was, but also what a lovely person he was. He was just fun to be around and I enjoyed my time under him immensely.


He could give a bit of stick out, he could have a go at players when he needed to but he could also put his arm around players and he looked after his players, especially the younger ones. He could do both - he could give you a rocket and he could also put his arm around you. In that respect he was probably a perfect manager. His record throughout his career proved that.


He'll be missed not just by the people of Newcastle - he came from there and he loved the North East - but all over the world. He's been at big clubs throughout his career and he was successful wherever he went. Obviously he had a very successful time as England manager as well and he was loved all over the country."

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Guest TheNewinsider

A gentleman and a true legend to the game, I am so sad to hear of his passing in just days after his charity game at SJP. He will live on though forever in the hearts of football fans throughout the globe, and hopefully his foundation can go on to change lives for the better in his cause.


Sir Bobby was an amazing and inspiring man, you don't get many people like him, what a massive loss this is to English football.



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In behalf of all Benfica supporters i´d like to give my condolences to all who were close to Sir Bobby including all Newcastle fans.


Although Sir Bobby Robson never managed Benfica (he managed our biggest rivals Porto and Sporting) we Benfica fans have all the respect and admiration for this football legend who will always remain in our memories.


I will also like to invite you to visit our forum and the thread we created to honour Sir Bobby. Here´s the link:




It´s in times like these that we have to forget all our differences and rivalries and come close just to become football brothers


Today all we from Benfica have a little of black and white in our hearts




RIP Sir Bobby Robson

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Bobby Robson cup should be an annual thing. All proceeds to his charity imo.



good one WBA Fulham Ipswich and us.

That is a cracking idea tbh.





Barcelona might pull bigger crowds like. :nufc:


Sir Bobby's Wiki page has crashed. Never happened to Michael Jackson.

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