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O'Dreary's only been any good when he's had money to waste, I'd be a bit let down if we had no other choice than him.


... still, on the up side it's looking like this week will be 'the' week, rumblings are that Ashley's set to accept Moat's bid and high-tail it outta the Toon (allegedly).


Keep everything crossed!

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Anyone other than someone who's been out of the game and is desperate to get back in is no good, as they'll want things on their own terms. Of those that will do what you tell them and not make noises about transfer money, O'Leary is probably as good as it gets.

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From The Times


Newcastle United ready to appoint David O'Leary as manager


Helen Power and George Caulkin



David O'Leary could be the new manager of Newcastle United by this weekend unless bidders offer definitive proof to Mike Ashley that they have enough money to purchase the Coca-Cola Championship club.


The Times has learnt that Ashley, the Newcastle owner, is insisting that all potential bidders for the club, including Barry Moat, the North East businessman, place a refundable deposit of about £25 million with his lawyers by Friday to stay in the race that, with the new season under way, has reached a pivotal moment.


If bidders cannot comply with Ashley's terms, he will keep the relegated club for at least another year in the hope of securing promotion to the Barclays Premier League.


With the transfer window closing at the end of this month, any prospective owner - Ashley included - has a limited opportunity to refashion Newcastle's squad. The club are yet to buy a single new player this summer.


Although Derek Llambias, the Newcastle managing director, denied suggestions on Sunday that approaches have been made to O'Leary, the former Leeds United and Aston Villa manager, Ashley intends to appoint the Irishman immediately if the club are not sold.


Ashley's first choice for the post was Joe Kinnear, but the club's former manager - who underwent triple heart-bypass surgery this year - is still not fit enough to take the job.


While Ashley described his appointment of Alan Shearer as manager for the final eight games of last season as the “best decision” of his spell on Tyneside, the sportswear retailer's opinion has now shifted.


Ashley is understood to favour O'Leary - who has not had a job since leaving Villa Park three years ago - because he does not believe that Shearer is equipped to lift the club out of English football's second tier.


That analysis will not meet with agreement from most Newcastle supporters. Shearer, the club's record goalscorer, is a substantive figure on Gallowgate who, for all his inexperience in the dugout, is admired by the playing staff. Shearer confirmed at the weekend that he remains eager to lead his home-town club, a scenario which would be realised if Moat succeeds in displacing Ashley. After working as a pundit for the BBC's coverage of Newcastle's 1-1 draw away to West Bromwich Albion on Saturday, the former England captain has returned to Portugal to continue a family holiday.


Ashley is concerned that in spite of assurances from Seymour Pierce, the investment bank charged with handling the sale, Moat and other potential bidders for the club do not have the money to to buy it.


Moat, who is understood to have American backing, was last week identified as the preferred bidder of Keith Harris, Seymour Pierce's executive chairman, and negotiations between the parties are continuing, although a price for the club has not been agreed.


Ashley has been demanding £100 million for Newcastle, in which he has invested more than £250 million of his own money, but that figure will not be reached. Ashley is asking bidders to deposit the cash with his lawyers as a sign of their good faith and to prove that they have the resources to complete a deal. While all substantive bidders were required to show proof of funds to Seymour Pierce before undertaking due diligence, depositing money would demonstrate their intent. Ashley did something similar before purchasing Newcastle in 2007 and would return the money if negotiations collapse.


Jonás Gutiérrez is the latest player to state his desire to leave Newcastle, with Olympiacos expressing an interest in the Argentina international. “I want to leave Newcastle and go to a club which will give me the chance to fight for a place in my national team,” he said.

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Ardiles has been on talkshite saying he'd love to come back :mellow:


Don't give the fat man any ideas.


club statement:


Mike Ashley today announced a revolutionary way forward for the club, Ossie ardilles, Graham souness, Glenn roeder and Jack charlton are to take Joint charge of the club. Ossie will have the managers chair on a monday all day and a Thursday afternoon, souness taking charge on thursday mornings and Friday evenings. Glenn on a Wednesday and Tuesday mornings with big Jack taking every third Tuesday afternoon and all day Friday.


Transfers will be dealt with on an alphabetical split with ardilles taking A-J, Glenn K-Sm, Graham U-V and Jack taking Z and all players coming from south America.


Matches will be decided using regular bouts of rock, paper, scissors with the winner getting to make the next decision.

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Ardiles has been on talkshite saying he'd love to come back :mellow:


Don't give the fat man any ideas.


I heard the interview. Don't panic, Ardiles bigs himself up during every interview he makes and a team somewhere is looking for a manager.


Although Ardiles wasn't successful when he was here, he did bring a few kids into the first team - something our next manager could well have to replicate, through necessity rather than choice.

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