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Oo-er, wonder what's caused that? More to the point would they just let him go from his contract? And would he want to? I mean at 35 he could just as well hang out in their reserves until they sack him, if he's getting £10m over 5 years or whatever it is it's not really going to be a hardship for him is it.


Was he gash against Morecombe btw?

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Maybe they realised he's well past his sell by date and just not worth the money. He's not just slow he is as slow as fuck.

Wouldn't really explain the mutual consent bit. If it was just a case of them not wanting him they'd still be saddled with the player.

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Didn't he say before that he'd lost the love for football?


Maybe he thought "I'll give lower league stuff a shot, see if the more grassroots stuff will bring back the affection" then after one game thought to himself "What the fuck am I doing at Notts Bastard County?!"


I reckon he's off to open a frozen yoghurt stall in Frisco with his lover Jermaine :huh:

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Different taking an arsenal legend though, compared with Arsenal taking one of their legends


er, that and being a “judas” for him leaving Spurs after 9 years to go to their rivals Arsenal at his peak.



The strangest thing about Sol quitting at his age is this:


“The Football League have also confirmed that Campbell will not be able to sign for another club until January following his departure from Meadow Lane.”

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