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Who's your favourite foreign team?

Guest Stevie

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Really, the only other team is my hometown team: Perth Glory. Fully-paid member and attend all home matches.


Otherwise, I do have an eye for Barca 'cause they play such stunning football. But I don't watch their games with any regularity. (Also, it makes me feel a bit of a bandwagoner).


In Serie A, for no real reason why, I do have a soft spot for Palermo (maybe cause Beresciano plays for them).


I do have Italian heritage in my background, so really I should find what the local team is for the region that my rellies come from (probably some piss-ant team).

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Greece: OFI/PAOK

Italy: Inter

Spain: Barca

Germany: Schalke

Scotland: Rangers

Turkey: Besiktas



I have a lot of greek friends (I go to a Greek Orthodox church) who are all Olympiakos/Panathinaikos/AEK supporters but my connections are with Crete although I look to see that PAOK is beating the Athenian teams as well (since OFI was relegated).


I look out for the Besiktas results because of the Turkish students I have in class all support them.

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Lazio. Used to follow them years ago after I got one of their shirts which was in Fenwicks sportswear section for ages. I thought the shirt was really nice and my mam finally relented and bought me it, by which time I'd seen quite a bit of them on TV through Football Italia etc. Don't really follow them these days, but do occasionally watch out for their results.

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I look out for Udinese in Italy as that is where my Dad's family come from, or SV Hamburg in Germany as I saw agame there while on School Exchange when I was 14. I wouldn't say I have any real affection for either, just a passing interest. I watch a lot of my local non-league side - Hampton & Richmond Borough - but I struggle with the idea of supporting more than one team even if they are in different countries.

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Espanyol. - because i lived there.


saying barca is like anyone outside the uk saying Man Utd or Arsenal and then trying to justify the gloryhunting on their style of football.

Totally agree. I must point in no way do I support Sevilla, sometimes I can go a weekend without knowing their score, I just like their fans, the club and their you score 3 we'll score 4 attitude. I don't know how people can admire clubs who are largely big corporations who have manipulated the masses in to believing myths. Barcelona being a point in case. They are the most arrogant club in the world in my view, a title jointly held with Real. As for Inter what is to like about them, they spend three times more than anyone else, play boring football, and their fans, as we found out first hand, are complete cunts.

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L.A Riot squad?


Given the riots in L.A that's a class name :)


yeap, indeed - the name related to the LA riots.


Below is some basic info, for more go here


The LA Riot Squad

established in 2001 as the anti supporter's group. (no dues, no memberships and no officers)

is not a hooligan group nor is it racist. Violence and racism will not be tolerated.

prides itself as a very multiracial group

= simply superb bunch of people, I always have a great time when I go over and there's even 1 or 2 Newcastle fans among them too.

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Got a soft spot for Atletico Madrid. It probably started after becoming majorly impressed with Torres/Aguero, and from then on I just took a general interest in them. Other foreign teams I take an interest in are mainly those I've managed on Football Manager at some point!

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Germany - VFB Stuttgart (because I lived there for a short while) and Shalke ( because they sorted there fans sorted me tickets in the away end of the allianz arena for Klinsmanns last game in charge, was class)


Italy - Fiorentina (because of football Italia on channel 4 when I was a kid, used to love Batistutia)




Spain - Barcelona, used to like watching them after usa 94 when I realised Romaria, Stoichkov and Hagi all played for them

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