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Funny pictures thread

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Anyone seen this thread on the mackems board:




I'm sure the photoshop experts on here could come up with some great stuff!


Me mate just PM'ed me that on FB, I was howling at some of them mind


Yeah, fair play to them, there was some crackers in that thread! I forgot to check if they put a link up to the forum they got it from orignally to see what the other lot had come up with, but based on the stokoeshop thread i reckon people on here will beat them all!


There's some cracking ideas on there, then some arsehole attempts to be funny by doing it on paint and ruins it.


Just leave it to the fucking pros.

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Those two are fairly well known iirc, they always prank each other and put it on youtube.


The best one I saw was when he put a load of bangers in a metal bin and lit it in the bedroom when she was asleep in the dark.

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^ It would be funny to ask them why they think spelling is the exception to the way they normally spell ll/ing words

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