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What are you drinking?

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A bit rough today, had a wee dram of this exotic Indian whiskey last night.....

You need to drink loads of white wine tonight and puke up on the red wine sick 

Christ, if you can’t manage a few “5 Things you Never Knew About Harry Potter!” slideshows when you’re hungover, you might as well pack the job in now.

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I didn't I was only there for the day and he wasn't free until the night time. The market was lush though.


He and I are hitting the Christmas markets on Friday and I'm hoping there's lots of warm alcohol to stave off the cold!

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Lovely. What time are you heading over to the markets? It'd be lovely to see you again. I work in town, so it's only a short walk over to the markets after work. [/shameless self-invitation]


No idea what time but PM me your number and I'll text you when we've made some plans. It'll be good to see you too :)

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I've been drinking some of that Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. Thought it was really nice to start with but it's crazy sweet so you can only really have it in moderation. Gets a bit much after a couple.


haven't tried it, is it more like southern comfort then?

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