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What are you drinking?

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A bit rough today, had a wee dram of this exotic Indian whiskey last night.....

I'm having the worst hangover in the history of hangovers.   I learned two things last night. 1, toontastic has some really nice people on it 2, red wine sick is very difficult to

You need to drink loads of white wine tonight and puke up on the red wine sick 

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There was some great stuff at the recent wine festival Aldi had on. There's still some stock left at the one next to mine. Their wines are normally really nice anyway but they had a lot of less common stuff like a dry white made from Tokaji (normally makes a sweet, fortified wine from Hungary) and Gruner Veltliner from Austria. Think the nicest ones I got were a Tasmanian Gewürztraminer and a lush Syrah-Carignan blend from Chile. The most expensive one was about £8.99

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That 8 year old blended Scotch they do for about £13 is amazing for the money too. It's miles nicer than Bell's, Famous Grouse and all that lot (not saying a lot, I know). It's comparable with blends costing about £10 more. The gin's won loads of awards too, although I haven't tried the run of the mill stuff. I got a bottle of limited edition small batch one they did a couple of years back at Xmas and that was £10 for a half litre bottle and it was really nice.

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It's everywhere here too.

not on draught


and i was in california, where it's literally everywhere. i've never seen it on draught here. you'll occasionally get it on bottle, but in london you're far more likely to see the dalston destroyer IPA, or the brixton bomber, or some such undrinkable piss. 

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