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The wheels of fortune.

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Nicked from NO...


"Judging by the signings we have made, I do wonder what our transfer policy is given that we have signed Williamson a centre half who had never played for his club, which was on the brink of administration, hence a knockdown transfer fee.


Simpson, a right full back who was out of contract in the summer so again a knock down fee.


Fitz Hall on loan for 6 months because QPR wanted him off their wage bill.


Van Aaholt, a promising left back who has only signed for a month until Enrique is fit again, and Routledge who was again a burden to QPR in terms of wages.


Now we have Leon Best who is also out of contract in the summer.


On top of that we were after Beckford who is also out of contract in the summer, and Victor Moses whose club is in administration and so was being sold for a lot less than if the club was not in administration. Even Harewood was out of contract in the summer, and is it a coincidence that Kishanishvili returned to Blackburn and then out on loan again to Reading because he is not out of contract in the summer.


It seems we have targeted players from clubs in danger of, or already in, administration, namely, Portsmouth, Palace (and possibly even QPR) as well as players who are out of contract in the summer.


Not exactly a Bank of England outlay is it? It is likely our outlay is only about £3m on the likes of Simpson, Routledge and Williamson, which coincidently is exactly what the club will be saving in Geremies wages over 12 months (i.e. £58000pw X 52 =£3,016,000m).


It seems the overriding qualification for signing players is that if their clubs are in financial difficulty, then the players are deemed good enough for NUFC. "

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