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Ireland Spends 100k on ....

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FOOTIE bling king Stephen Ireland really has gone off the deep end - spending £100,000 on a giant FISH TANK.


The big-buying Man City star had the huge feature installed as part of a refit of his £5million mansion.


Stephen Ireland buys a new £260k customised Bentley for his girlfriend Jessica Lawlor,

Flash ... Jessica Lawlor's £264k Bentley


The four-metre tank holds 6,000 litres of saltwater - 75 times more than an average aquarium - and contains 500 tropical fish.


It even includes a reef from Fiji, an in-built computer to monitor temperature and is fitted with wi-fi so it can be operated from anywhere in the world.


All the technical parts are hidden in cabinets and the water is pumped through underfloor pipes from a separate room.


Midfielder Ireland, 23, who earns £70,000 a week, said: "It's just breathtaking. When people come to the door and see it their first reaction is, 'Wow'!"


The tank is made of commercial acrylic instead of glass, tough enough to withstand being accidentally hit by a ball from the personalised pool table next to it.


Ireland shares the house in Prestbury, Cheshire, with his girlfriend Jessica Lawlor, 24, and three kids.


Last month Jessica claimed it was not easy being a WAG.


But we told how the couple topped the spending league with lavish buys including £264,000 on a white Bentley GTC convertible for her birthday.


Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...l#ixzz0fbV8I6dB

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Im on the hard cards and it doesnt bother me....if you can afford to live that life then live it.


I know i would.


I wouldn't.


I expect there comes a point where money ceases to have meaning and you're spending just for the sake of it. Not because you really want something but because it's something to do, or a way of showing that you're better than everyone else in OK magazine. Next week the fish tank will be on the rubbish tip and he'll install something equally tasteless and expensive because he's bored or some other player's bubble headed WAG has just got one.


He can do what he likes with his money, it's not his fault he's paid ridiculous wages I suppose, but personally I would feel guilty. Especially in the current economic climate.

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70k a week. Wonder if that's true. If so I'd hate to see Manchester Cities books.

Bearing in mind Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan's family are over 40 times richer than Abromovich, I think they'll get by.


It's not their financial welfare that I'm concerned about, more-so the flow on effect for teams like us. When good but not great players are being paid wages that are in my opinion excessive, it leaves us in a extremely difficult position in terms of signing players - in particular with a tightwad owner and a manager who hardly inspires confidence.

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I wonder if he will take the fish tank with him when City sell him in the summer and he is forced to move house. Sure the neighbours love the sight of that car bombing around the area.

Probably keep the house anyway, I'd imagine. Do you think he'll need the money from the sale like? :rolleyes:

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