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Rules and Regulations

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* Posting Images


* All images posted must be your own work.

* Any member found posting another authors image whilst claiming it as their own will receive a fixed term ban from the Photography Forum.

* Any member found to be using images from the Photography Forum without due credit from the author will receive a fixed term ban from the Photography Forum.

* All images posted are posted with the understanding and acceptance of our License of Images.

* If you have used any image editing software (Photoshop, Lightroom, Photomatix e.t.c) then please specify so in your post.

* Please, where possible, provide a short description of how the photograph was achieved.


* Commenting on Images


* All comments and critique must be as constructive as the poster is able to give.

* Please be constructive with any criticism you have of a Photograph.

* For every image you post, please try to leave at least a small comment on a previous image.


* Creating Challenges


* Any member is allowed to create a challenge thread.

* Please try not to be too specific in terms of topic. You should look to make anyone accepting the challenge be at least a little bit creative.

* All challenge threads should be names as follows:


** Challenge [#Challenge Number] - Challenge Topic

** Challenge Start Date - Challenge End Date. <-- [subtitle]


* Example:


** Challenge [#3] - Pets

** 01.11.2010 - 09.11.2010


* Members may contribute to as many challenge threads as they wish.

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