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My portfolio is a little bit different, I mainly shoot portrait work these days with a basic 'studio' set up. I also shoot the majority of my 'studio' stuff using the chromakey background and edit as per client request afterward but I do prefer location shoots. My kit comprises of


Nikon D200 body

Nikkor 28-85mm lens

Nikkor 75-300mm lens

Nikon speedlight sb-600 flash unit

Couple of lighting/flash rigs

Various reflectors

Chromakey backdrop


Trust graphics tablet


I dont use any manual filters, I tend to just mess on in PS.


Some images have already been watermarked, didn't do it for this, will apologise in advance, posted a few too many


These where shot down by the Cluny a few years ago now for a models portfolio, quite a lot of colour enhancing post process for this for dramatic effect

















Studio work against black background using a basic flash rig

















A few shots taken on the quayside with just 28-85mm lens and last one in studio










Old shot experimenting with lighting and contrast







Another early shot experimenting with lighting and chopping up, zooming in mind its pretty poor lol




















Airbrushing work in ps






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I hold the lights :)


Like a rat up a drainpipe ;):icon_lol: (note to admin - why is there no 'cock knocker' smiley??? :scratchchin: )


And just because it's super self indulgent and I can't resist..The main man in my life looking ubber cute :aye: ....










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Great shots of the bairn Ellie.

What made you go with the DJ/headphone theme?


Also next time you're speaking to your model from your first series of pics, let her know when she's ready to go the full Suicide Girl career move her new photographer/house-mate/agent/partner is waiting for her in Sydney :cuppa:

I've spoken to my lass and it all sorted!

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Lovely pics of the bairn. I could do with finding a neutral background so I could try and get some of my two. Ive not really looked at portrait stuff yet so its an area Im pretty weak with.

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Thanks for the comments :cuppa:


TBH the nipper is an absolute natural in front of the camera and just grabbed the headphones one day and I got a few sample pics on the iphone so while I'd got the kit out after a job the other day I just gave them to him to mess with lol, there is loads of him just eating them mind too lol but thats to be expected from a 7 month old lol, but for his dad, well, he's got no excuses ahaha


Sammynb - the second lass down, dark hair was an actual contracted UK SG for a while, she was absolutely great to work with, so was the first lass tbh. Keep an eye out for studio days, there is a place in Hartlepool that does them I think, you just take your cam down, pay about £20-£30 for a few hours, the studio supply all the models, equipment and do all the set up for you and you snap away.


As for backgrounds, I mainly work from a chromakey green screen so I can pull it out aftewards in ps and replace it with what ever I want. It's great if your doing promo work and need a flat background

Original Image




Take the green away and replace it with a flat background




or something a bit more fancy




or silly ;)






If you can be bothered to mess on with chromakey its fab what results you can get

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