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I find some good subject matter down the coast especially at Tynemouth. This image was taken in December late afternoon, Photoshop has been used to crop the image I then modified the curve to make more of a silhouette of the surfer.



I quite enjoy pics in fog although I reckon there must be a nack to it that Ive not yet sussed, the first one is as taken, the second I amended the curve again to make more of a silhouette of the foreground buildings.






This has laways been one of my favourite images, its a lightbulb on the Baltic Christmas Tree taken nice and close up.



Red Arrows during the Great North Run, I modified the levels in Photoshop to bring the blue of the sky out.



This is now my new favourite image, I think its the Prescription Pricing building at the end of the Tyne Bridge, when I get the chance I'll upload the original as this one has been straightened and darkened in Photoshop and its a good example of how an image can be made much better with some simple tweaks. I think I overlooked the original as a nothing pic until I played around with it.



Daffodils taken at Beadnell (I think). Definitely on the coast, no changes made in Photoshop.



An old old pic taken at the Tall Ships. This was with an old Kodak digi cam and was taken at about 4am when the sun was justcoming up. Slight tweak to the colours in Photoshop.



Another lightbulb at the Baltic ths time taken in daylight and looking through the bulb at the buildings on the Newcastle side of the river.



This is simply a wall at the Baltic (again) I just liked how the bricks around the grill had been discoloured.



Amen Corner next to the Cathedral, at night the orange glow from the streetlight gives it an eerie feel.



Down the steps on the Swing Bridge, always loved this pic.



Another lightbulb pic, this time I monochromed it so the flare stood out.


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Lovely process with the quayside like pud. Ive yet to get a decent one myself and its such a great subject with so much going on. Not tried HDR yet though I did get the trial of photomatix.

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Thanks for the pictures everyone. Ive just stuck a few up there so thatll do for now


Its just to get a bit of content in there to stop it looking so empty. When the full gallery is up then you lot will be able to upload your own pictures of your vehicles to the mainsite gallery

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:lol: this is like Interstellar. He's communicating with us from another dimension where we're all posting pictures of our cars, and he's running the show.


What have you done with Ant, Jer?

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