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Some nice stuff in here Dr. K. I love the one at the top of this page. Baltic stairwell (I'm guessing that's where it is) is excellent too. Can I make a suggestion re: ones with vanishing points / converging lines? Sometime the composition works better if you apply a variation on the rule of thirds. I.e. if you divide the picture into thirds horizontally and vertically so you have, in effect, a picture divided into nine equal rectangles, then instead of having the lines (like the railways lines in one of your pics) converging on the centre of the photo, have them so they converge one third of the way in vertically and horizontally. If that makes sense.

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I love images with unconventional thirds - maybe it's my eye but they are just so appealing.


The way your mate's image works dr is a perfect example.




These use a similar principal:






And your first image, well when we were in toon and wandering the streets the lass ad I had a conversation about thirds and picture structures right when we got to:




It's a funny old world some days.

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Thanks JawD. It was at sunset. I'm not sure that its not a bit too red actually. Could probably do with a bit more trimming off the right side as well. Might have to have a go at it with LightRoom.

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Really nice photo!


Not sure but I honestly think with a few tweaks in photoshop you could make this image even better. A bit of increased vibrance and maybe playing with the curves tool would accentuate the colour of the sky and the reflection of the boats in the water.


But like I said really great photo even without all that tom foolery! :razz:

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