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Couple more out-of-season ones:




Fuck me, mate. That looks glorious.


My wife and I are looking to visit the UK next year (primarily so I can go see my first live NUFC games: hopefully, home and away).


My wife's not so keen on visiting the UK, but I'm sure if I point her in the direction of these (and ajax_andy's etc.) images she'll change her mind.


Nice work! (Love the sheep photo in particular.)

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Nice pic of the castle there... I love Durham but haven't tried to photgraph it due to harldy ever going there, I need to get over more as it's such a lovely city.


Only slight thing I can fault with this pic is the castle and house seem to lean to the right and it throws the whole thing off a little.

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Nice pic... is this high force?


Do you own any ND filters? I got a 4 stopper for xmas and might head down somewhere like this to try it out and blur the water.


Could be my monitor again but the water in the foreground seems a tad underexposed

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