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Love the top one. Seems a slightly shallow DoF drawing further attention to the facing subject. As someone (me) who loves b&w imagery, this one has in its own merit got such vibrancy. If it was a modelling shoot I'd have maybe liked softening of the front ones skin. Great shot like. The bottom one of course you have framed well. Im not sure if the shadow enhances the images or is distracting over her face. In a way Id have liked to see half of her face in the sun to reveal at least one striking eye.

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Thanks JawD! I have another image without the shadow on the face. I will post it later and then if

you would please give me your opinion on the two and what I could of done differently.




















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Oh Im liking these. Lets see..


#1 - Id have moved the hair out of her face, I think that would have made it a stronger shot

#2 - I love this, the way you captured the smoke and the reflection in the glasses, great composition

#3 - I think she should have been looking into the shot and the graffiti blurs the edge of her and the wall

#4 - Again, she should really have been looking right into the shot and I think Id have increased the exposure on her face

#5 - but this is a great second shot of her, the face is lighter, much strong composition, cracking shot this actually.

#6 - Again and all round well posed shot, good composition, vibrant, nice one :)

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#1 - The eye is naturally drawn to the brightest part of the image which means her face isn't really what I looked at with this shot. I think like JawD said less hair in front of the face but also more light on it.

#2 - Great image... I'd be tempted to up the midtones slightly and then darken the shadows slightly to make it pop more

#3 - I think her boobs get in the way from this angle and you kind of shot from a neither close enough in or far enough out to avoid this issue. Seems like she has a kind of 'boob shelf' that you have to try and look past to see her

#4 - I think she's too much in the corner and the eyes are too close to the top of the frame. The lighting is also a little flat so this coupled with that makes her look a little superimposed on to the backdrop

#5 - Very straight on pose... if you look at the left of her face (her right) there's a little shadow on the edge. I think having her slightly side (facing our left a bit with both body and face) on would have meant this shadow would have been covering more of that side of her face and added more depth

#6 - Good shot... can't pick up much wrong with that one.


Overall a good set and the smoking shot in particular is top drawer. Can't help thinking it's a little dark in the mid tones and also a B&W version with some added sharpening would probably make for an extremely strong image

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