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Not keen on the dog pics tbh... well other than it being extremely cute. They look under exposed and there blade of grass in front of the face isn't doing the pics any favours.


Moon pic is ok apart from being DEAD centre... if you'd put it on the top right 3rd it would probs look pretty cool :)

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I's agree with Andy. The dog is white and the pic needs to reflect that, crank up the exposure in Photoshop or whatever. The grass either needs to be gone, or look like its meant to be there.


The Moon is ok, Id be cropping right in as the sky is offering nothing. If you take a shot of the moon you want a tri-pod, a cable release or timer and zoom right in etc. I can discuss settings if you want those. Heres one I took doing that : http://www.flickr.com/photos/34459996@N04/5106391371/in/photolist-8MeAfx-8MeAe2-8mieMf-bGddRr-btip6s-bBfAiX

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