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David Kelly

We Need Dyer Back

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I know this won't be a popular opinion with everyone but after digesting Sunday's performance (or lack of) I am becoming more and more convinced of this.


Patrick Kluivert's opinion of English football (that only the top four teams play any and the rest is just kick and rush) got me thinking and against Everton we confirmed my fears and the pie eaters stance. All we do is hump long balls up for Shearer to scrap for.


This is simply not good enough. Firstly it doesn't benefit Shearer who was made to look poor when England tried to play this way when he was still in his prime and looks ten times worse when he's now past the stage when he should have quit. In turn we are no good at it and therefore don't pick up results with it. And secondly because it's just plain boring to watch.


What has this got to do with the King of Bling? Well imo the only time since Keegan's glory days that we have played entertaining football is when we have played at 100 mph. Games like the one at 4-3 at Elland Road came about beacuse we had an abundance of pace in the side and when the likes of Dyer and Bellamy (yes he is relevant to this topic ;) ) were at full pelt against defences we were a joy to watch creating chance after chance for Shearer and others.


Dyer and Bellamy whilst frequently wasting good oppertunities still kept making a nuicance of themselves which if nothing else put opposition under pressure and made space for others to use.


As has been well discussed Bellamy is no longer here but Dyer still is and if we are to see any football being played in the near future I think he may well turn out to be our most important player. We have other players with a lot more ability on the ball and who can finish ten time better but his pace and running ability are unparalled and I think when he is in the team it will help get the rest of them going.


We can start playing through the midfield instead of over it which will allow Emre to start pulling the strings and feed the likes of Shearer (who I think will still score goals if we play properly), Owen, Luque and Dyer.


I just hope Souness can see this and make some changes to our play. I have my doubts though.

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agreed. if dyer was fit now, i'd put him ahead of shearer and ameobie to partner owen.


two shorter men upfront with pace would encourage us to get the ball down and play rather than relying on long hoofs up to shearer's napper.


that sort of pace and mobility up top should also get the best out of our 'door openers'.

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