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Newcastle United 1-2 Stoke City

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Lets be honest here.


Yes Stoke came here with a game plan, a good game plan, and it worked. They are a tough team to beat.....AWAY from home.


At home however, this is twice we or should i say Hughton has got the tactics wrong!!!!


Taking Ben Arfa off and bringing Gutierrez on was the right move but with the wrong outgoing player. Routledge has offered fuck all and should of been the blatantly obvious choice to take off.


Why the reluctance to play Gutierrez and Ben Arfa in the same team?


But even before all tha,t we started with Nolan up top with Carroll...4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 at home to Stoke? Get a fuckin grip man.


That said, our performance? Shit.


In spells we moved the ball well, looked decent with the ball but done absolutely fuck all with it.


Really fuckin frustrating!


Losses at home against Stoke and Blackpool are certainly not what we need......Chris Hughton.....give ya head a wobble man.

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