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Smart phones - is true pay as you go available?

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I've had a blackberry or other phone from work for about 5 years now. Previous to that I had a contract with Orange but I always thought it was poor value as I never used all the minutes etc so I transferred to pay as you go which worked fine for me. I still have the phone/number with that sim lying around.



As I intend to leave my current place in the near future I need to get a personal phone again and fancy a smart phone - probably an Android of some kind. Now I can afford £30/£35 a month but again I would be nagged by the thought it wasn't good value again as I can't imagine using these hundreds of minutes/thousands of texts you get on contract now. However I do want a good internet deal.


I've done a few searches and see what look like "pay as you go" deals but they are basically just regular monthly amounts unbound by contracts.


What I want is what I had previously on Orange - I want to buy a £20 top up and if that lasts 2 week, 2 months or 2 years that's up to me - then I'd just buy another one. However as I said it needs to include Internet.


Anyone got any recommendations of retailers/deals available?


Is it possible?


I don't mind buying the phone and getting a SIM only deal if that's what it takes.

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I've just got mine on O2. Got a Samsung Galaxy S running Android on a 2 year contract. Handset cost me £100, tarrif details are:


300 anytime any network mins a month

Unlimited texts

Unlimited O2 to O2 calls.

£5 bolt on for 500MB a month data bundle



£30 a month (inc. £5 bolt on).

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If you've got the cash upfront to buy a phone I'd say do it. Get a sim only deal. I've got a rolling 30 day one with 02 and every once every 12 months you can buy a phone off them at discount. Got my HTC Desire for £285. With longer contracts you end up paying over the odds for a phone when you work it out.

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I ordered an HTC Desire Z (combo of touch screen + slide out keyboard) from Amazon a couple of weeks ago - they were due for release on November the 1st but I've just had an email saying it won't be delivered until about the tenth - tried a few other places and its the same everywhere.


I went for a £15 30 day rolling contract with T-Mobile which includes 1GB internet.

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