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How tall are you and what weight are you, Sugartits?

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8 minutes ago, Gemmill said:


Look at these New Zealand people and their safe gym visits. There'll still be faecal matter on all the equipment though. 

Aye but the worst I can get from that is cholera, so I see that as a win



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Well, at least the lack of calories isn't affecting your mood.

He’s dead. Found looking like Christopher McCandless

Must be the lack of meat fucking with your faculties. A veggie that can't do maths, the arcade creeper, and the Mexican Viagra muncher trying to tell me what I can and can't eat. Absolute fucking libe

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On 21/09/2020 at 23:16, Renton said:

The treatment for epilepsy, which i know about, is a complete red herring here.


I've  looked and i cant find any experimental evidence this diet works. Might have missed it and happy to be corrected mind.There is very good evidence fasting works though, which you've dismissed as the NHS doesn't know what its tallking about. You've also suggested the keto diet can cure type 1 diabetes which is both ridiculous amd frankly dangerous. You're clearly getting your information from some very dubious sources.


The overall opinion from dieticians seems to me that this diet isnt sustainable and the long term effects aren't known but potentially dangerous. This would fit with my personal observations and with your past dieting behaviour. Dr Atkins was clinically obese when died btw. 


[Diet Doctor Podcast] #57 - Dr. Ian Lake #dietDoctorPodcast 

https://podcastaddict.com/episode/114085271 via @PodcastAddict


British GP with type 1 diabetes uses keto diet to chin his type 1 diabetes. 


In other news, Renton gets to shut his ENTIRE FACE. 

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