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Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

What does Pardew Deserve?  

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So what we're saying here is that Alan Pardew thinks that football club owners have looked at his track record and chosen not to hire him because they saw a 4 second gif of him dancing once. Stuff lik

When he got sacked at Crystal Palace I think they had the worst performance in a calendar year out of all four divisions. He didn’t last very long at West Brom thanks to a long winless run of the type

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He is absolutely trying to get paid off now, so he is not the manager who took them down.  Doesn't want that on his CV.  He'll be back at some other club next year, on the basis that he is English.  If he had any sense, he would take the Sky money and tell everyone else how to manage.

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2 hours ago, Meenzer said:

I'm sure there'll be some Palace fans along soon to set them right.


They used to be very vocal on this subject, anyway... :scratchchin: 


Thank fuck someone remembers. They gave us total pelters and then tried to get chummy when they eventually realised. They can take their fucking flags, their fucking toucans and their CBBC Galatasary atmosphere and fuck right fucking off

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Aye, the Palace fans can fuck themselves. Come out with all sorts of nonsense about how we don’t have a clue about footy, managers, etc when they genuinely rated Alan Pardew :lol::lol: the bloke is practically a club legend there ffs. What a fucking garden shed of a club. It’ll always give me a laugh knowing they paid NUFC money so they could have him, and that smug orange cunt Simon Jordan was gloating about it :lol:


See his West Brom side are record breakers now as well. This surely must be his last PL job. 

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He fully deserves the sack. What an absolute fraud of a manager and a massive cock end of a man. It’s galling that  he’s probably got a big pay off but hopefully he won’t get anywhere near a decent football club again after this debacle. Mind you I said the same about Allardyce, several times....

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16 minutes ago, Tom said:

He should never have been given the job in the first place, they managed to sack the two blokes behind the appointment ages ago so they clearly knew it was a mistake.

He did a good rescue job at Palace so you can sort of understand their thinking.

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