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Honestly hope Mancini leaves him to rot in the reserves and train alone for the rest of his contract, forcing him to play just enough so that he doesn't have this get out for nowt clause activated


think one of the owners said a bit back that hes not bothered if hes paying tevez to sit in the reserves for years doing nowt


he can't do that though, there's some law about stifling a career they mentioned before and they have to play him in 10games (or a percentage maybe it was) or he can walk, although with him going on strike and fucking off to Argentina it's probably shot himself in the foot. I assume the owners can afford considerably better lawyers lol.


Sorry if I'm wrong and I'm not accusing you of lying or anything but I'm pulling you up on this. Do you have any evidence of this law? I'm happy for you to prove me wrong, it'll be a lesson learnt.

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His barber must be bricking it !

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Indeed just unfollowed barton honest what a whingy cunt


yes tweet advertising the lads account, that'll make sure he gets no attention

Agree that Bartons been a mug by even mentioning the bloke, but I can't believe Glitter has people defending him and calling Barton a hypocrite because of 'his own checkered past' comparing a few assaults to a child molester :lol:.

He's asking to be on Piers Morgans show in all, wouldn't be surprised if that attention whore did interview him.

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