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Hamann to Barton

@joey7barton The medals won't make my kids respect me but im not prepared to punch a child in the face in McDonald's for them to respect me


Knock out blow? It's utterly astonishing this net row. Hamann has been called a bad dad, skint, rude, compulsive gambler and Barton still hasn't finished.

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You're fatter than me. However he's stereotyping all geordies as being fat, when Sunderland is the worst town or city in the UK for heart disease and has Britain's second fattest cunts. Anyone who has ever been to Sunderland know's the following.

  • They're fatter
  • More likely to smoke
  • Uglier (by far)
  • Have shit accents (unquestionable)
  • Will be common as fuck (95%)


I'm about as fat as one of your legs man :lol:

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I've slept on it. I have no right to question a man I hardly know. I must, therefore apologise for my part in last nights heated exchange.




When apologising, probably best to do it to that person rather than the wind. Must have forgotten how to tweet @ someone.


The blert.

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He's truly a penis of the highest order. Doesn't like Llambias obviously, which is mildly interesting excluding the fact that there's probably not many (his family included) that do like the creepy looking twat.

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