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His barber must be bricking it !

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When will clubs learn that these Twitter Q & A sessions never end well :lol:


  1. @PhilJones4 who do you think will win the league this year ? #askphiljones

  2. If forced to at knife-point what flavoured opal fruit would you staple to a willow tree? #AskPhilJones

  3. @philjones4 #AskPhilJones In the last week alone, how many times have you considered giving up football forever? - and why haven't you yet?

  4. #AskPhilJones do you hope that if you get a few good performances under your belt one of the bigger better clubs like Everton will want you

  5. How closely related are your parents? Brother and sister, or just cousins? #AskPhilJones

  6. @PhilJones4 Why do people call u Beckenbaur? Can't be for your football skills 1f610.png#askphiljones l

  7. #AskPhilJones Does it feel like you've already lost when Cleverley's name gets read out?



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