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If the us media are stenographers what does that make the Itlaian press? :) I can't remember the figure, but a large portion of Italians don't have regular access to the internet. There are also so daft laws in Italy which suppress the flow of information on the internet after a load of critical stuff on Berlesconi was published.

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It's assymetric warfare basically...Hit the medicine factory, kill more over a wider and longer period.



really? i don't think they meant to hit the pharma-factory....doesn't play well on the news (although i doubt the fact it wasn't a "weapons" factory ever made it to the news in any significant way), i think it can attributed to the general lack of good intel coming out of africa, similar to the shit intel which corroborated the move into Iraq, it also originated in africa iirc


my point was just that clinton wasn't trying to deflect public opinion, he was just acting in a cavalier/cowboy manner to put a little payback to those that bombed the embassies in Tunisa and Kenya


I don't think they give a fuck about the news.



i disagree, why else would they have a whitehouse press secretary, it's all about spin.


They have a press secretary to tell the press what to write. Not sure how that goes against what parky is saying. The fact the us media act as nothing more than stenographers only promotes a cavalier approach to the presidency.



as does the "READY , FIRE, AIM" approach, which is what I was getting at. it's all well and good when the intel is correct and the objectives are acheived as planned, easy to spin it as "good fer 'merica"

but if you blow up the only hope at providing affordable meds for the poorest continent on the planet, hard to spin that positively IMO

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Clinton Pardons. Quite a few coke and drug dealers in there amongst the fraudsters etc...No worris Bill will sort it.


Charlene Wilson testifyied watching Bill and his brother take copious amounts of coke. (2o coke dealers in the list). :up::)




His driver during governor days in Arkansas is on record saying Bill literally slept with 100's of women. He would often be told at parties to collect phone numbers and so on...


These guys don't give a fuck and it's a bit naive to think they are like us etc...


Even if you just look up Whitewater and the scam him and Hilary were running...

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Better not drop the soap unless he likes the idea of bumga bumga parties...

Apparently he passed a law that states you cannot be jailed if you are 70 or over. I don;t know how true that is or what's made up as you can't trust nothing from the media these days.

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