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Kinnear - Appointed Director of Football

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HF is probably right, the journos say it hasn't been officially confirmed by the club but it's not Kinnear completely making it up.

He probably jumped the gun by phoning Sky Sports, but it is happening. If it was total bullshit they'd have denied it by now.

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George Caulkin ‏@CaulkinTheTimes


Dear NUFC fans. As a member of the "snidey press" I would like to apologise for brainwashing you into showing disrespect to Joe Kinnear. As you clearly don't have minds of your own, it was irresponsible of me to attempt to influence you in this way. Having now read Joe's best-selling book, The Bible, I understand that all this was "water off a duck's arse" and that his fundamental role in leading Arsenal to an unprecedented quintuple of trophies, including Rear of the Year 2078, was worthy of better. I would also like to extend my apology to David Llambazee, Dizzy Gillespie, Lethal Bizzie and NUFC players, Sherpa Ameoni, Yohan Kebab and Harry Ben Nevis.

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Taken from twitter





seriously - i can't believe that interview happened - even the talksport lads are blowing all over twitter now praising the call in fans for their reactions.

Sound about as stunned as we are.


And STILL no word from the club. What the fuck is going on

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