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Aston Villa vs Newcastle United


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Stuart Attwell yesterday......2nd time he's been shocking for us this season, first at Molineaux in September and now yesterday.Nowt new in having a shite ref, and having seen the highlights earlier this morning it could well be said he was shite for both sides, but he's from Rugby, Warwickshire....the same county in old money as Birmingham and he'd be almost able to piss into Wolverhampton from his back garden as well.What are the rules about "local" refs taking charge of matches?.


We'll never get Clattenburg as he's a known Newcastle fan, but older posters will remember George Courtney from the 80's who was from Stanley or Crook or somewhere like that and he wasn't allowed to ref us in case of accusations of local bias.Maybe theres not a lot in it but he was blatantly dieing to book Barton and seized his chance in injury time, and didn't properly protect the same player at Molineaux either. Mavbe he's just a jumped up fuckwit with a point to prove to too many people and organistions, but having the same local ref for away games never used to happen and I'm wondering why and how the FA could have changed or relaxed the rules sufficiently to allow them to appoint Attwell's to our away games in the Midlands this season.

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