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Hatem "Number 26" Ben Arfa

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Yohann Kebab

Lazy link, never gunna happen.

*spins roulette wheel*   clink, clink, clink.   Newcastle linked with SENSATIONAL move for GEORDIE Andy Carroll.

And 2 of those had shocking seasons by their standards.


Pardew is an average manager who benefited from a perfect storm.


He deserves credit for that, very few managers are average Premier League standard.


Any talent he has is both stymied and exaggerated by the players he's had at his disposal (few if any of the stars being his choice).


Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Ba, Remy, Debuchy, Colo. are all better players than Pardew is a manager. Taylor, Williamson, Perch and players like Gouffran are his level.


Could he get a team of the latter type established in the premier league? Possibly. Could he consistently get a team of the former into Europe? Not a chance.

You list some good player, but he's only ever had 11 "purple" players and some of them were questionable (Simpson). Most of the top 6 teams have 15-20 high earners.


So he should definitely get a lot more credit than people give him. It's a long season, so the outcome is no fluke.


Average median is fair assessment, if you accept we can't attract an elite manager. I'd possibly put him at the middle-to-higher end of average 6-10th

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Either way the team has had a lot of money spend on it, so leaving Ben Arfa out in the cold will put an enormous amount of pressure on him.


If he doesnt get a couple of early results I can see this decision coming back to haunt him. Especially as the crowd look set to chant his name.

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"Hello! I am the H21000 talking scales unit. I tell you your weight. Insert 50p and step right on me!"




"Aha, what have we ere? Hmmnn, lets see ow much I am weighing."



"Fucksakegetoff me you fat bastaaaard!!!"



"Ah, merde!! Eet spoke in Anglais too fast! I'm sure eet said something like eight stone four but I'm not sure."

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