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Recommend me a good restaurant in Newcastle

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I'm just imagining a conversation about a trip somewhere with mates that involves discussing what coffee shop we go to?  It's a pretty surreal scenario tbh.

One of Dave's friends wanders away from the group as they make their way to the recommended coffee shop and gets lost looking for the way back to the hotel.....    

It’s my 50th birthday treat mate, I’m aiming to eat as many different dead animals as I can in a two day period 

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That classy bloke known as manc-mag took me to Nando's in Manchester on Saturday night. It was a double-date with my boy and his nephew. The last time we did that was 12 years ago after going to see Peter Kay at the MEN arena with our respective other-halves. Nice to know we've stood the test of time even if the exes didn't :D

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Riley's Fish Shack has opened permanently on King Edwards Bay. I contributed to the Kickstarter and would love to see it become a lasting installment right on our doorstep, so get yourself along and enjoy some fish dishes on the beach.



Popped in today after excellent Dinossur pitch n putt at heighly gate garden centre. Rip off but live action dinosaurs as you go round so young'un so love it.


Anyway, been dying to go to Riley's for a while and loved it apart from the food. :(


Sun beating down, great setting, nice seat watching the bairn play in the sand below.


Nobody was particularly hungry but I wanted to try something so ordered the mackerel wrap and persuaded our lass to try the fish cakes.


Didn't like the mackerel and the fish cakes were just dry as hell.


Was hoping for a bit of variety in the fish and a bit more flavoursome as you get in the equivalent surf bars in the states.


Serve warm cider as well.

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