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Liverpool victoria insurance/Highway Insurance

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Anyone had any dealings with car insurance with this lot (as an underwriter or broker)


As I mentioned in other thread my car insurance this year has lept up from 750 to around £1000.


Most companies are quoting around the same area, but there's some local car forums i use and one of the site sponsors is an insurance company.


Specialises in import/high performance cars, modded cars etc so they're aiming at real select markets i guess, but they've offered me a quote of £624, a real whack lower than everyone else.


Underwriter is this Liverpool victoria insurance/Highway Insurance lot, did a quick Google and there's some horror stories and horrendous reviews involving claims for them.

Figured i'd see if anyone here has dealt with them, as i know it's general a case of people only go out of their way to moan, but....there's enough there to put me off a bit.

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No hassle with the assessors or anything with your car then trying to pull a fast one and void it?


read about a lad whose car went up in flames driving home (basically fuel line came loose, car was cutting out so he indicated and pulled in....the indicator ignited the fuel).


They tried to say his line coming loose was wear and tear and isn't covered...took him 6months to sort it

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