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Just because you're fully comp doesn't mean you automatically get 3rd party on other cars.

They started removing that as a default addition the last few years because it was getting abused, especially for drivers under 25 (most companies don't give it at all for those now), kids using it for cheap insurance and then driving a better car on it etc.


But yeah if you have it, you're only 3rd party so if you crash and you wreck yourself/the car you're driving, it's only what/who you hit that gets paid out.


The policies that have you fully covered in a car you don't own are "Open policies" the type most companies would use for company cars so anyone over 25 can drive them and be covered...but obviously these policies cost a load more, and you'd not get "no claims" experience from them normally if you then moved from driving on that to your own policy/car.

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it'll say on your policy.


My policy says if you are over 25 years old you can drive any other car third party, along as its not a car you own, its insured by someone else and its not a hire/lease car. There will be other clauses that over rule it - like u can use in in rally etc...

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