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Celebrity Big Brother

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So we have a gypo, a couple of ITV2 scrapings and a self obsessed publicity hound whose claim to fame is being married to the speaker of the Hous of Commons. Any shit US singers or proper weirdoes involved?


Who has 'seen more helmets than Hitler'? Have to remember that phrase :lol:

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Channel 4 finished it. Channel 5 resurrected it.


So far we've got:


Kerry Katona (rank)

Tara Reid (pretty but sun weathered)

Paddy Doherty (incomprehensible scarred gypsy)

Isn't he the one Shinton went to school with?

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Heard on the news it was supposed to be Pamela Anderson and Charlie Sheen going in. Are they in it then? I take it not, otherwise they'd have gotten a mention in here. Might've been worth tuning in to see those two. And Charlie Sheen :lol:

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