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The Forest Game

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I see no reason why our regular squad cant stomach a tuesday game, its not like we are competing in any european cups or anything.

Id like us to field our strongest side, whats wrong with a lil`cup run? Stoke and Birmingham managed last season ffs.

That's a bad point though.....


If you reckon their cup triumph is directly to blame, it is. Another way of seeing it is that even a relegation team managed to pull it off. just food for thought.

If you put it that way, yes. Sounded like you'd rather win a cup than stay in the league.


I really do hope we have a go at it as well, but as someone has mentioned before, it's a tough job for Pardew as far as injuries etc are concerned.

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Thing is we wont win the League Cup but we do have a thin squad containing a number of players who have a habit of getting injured. That being the case surely the 3 points from Blackburn are more important than beating Forest?

On the bright side Smith will not be playing due to a hamstring injury (shame its nothing serious) Personally I would rather Pardew played all the non first teamers he can so we can put out a full strength side against Blackburn.

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In 50 or so years of following Forest I think this is the first time I have ever felt we have "no chance" before a game. Even in the worst of times I would allow my heart to rule my head...but not today.


If we do win I will actually believe the Asian Bookies have been involved.


Forest fans confident then.

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Unfancied team, lower league, struggling for form, just lost vs local rivals, manager under pressure, league cup.


It's got banana skin written all over it.


That's what I was thinking earlier, then decided not to be so negative. We'll walk it. :lol:


I know I shouldn't be negative, I just expect disappointment in the league cup. Have we ever got past the 4th round in the last 20 years?


Anyway :lol::o :o

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They're clearly trying to piss Harper off in the hope he'll leave for a fee as he still has a couple of years left on his contract. History would suggest they've picked the wrong player to use the tactic of freezing him out of the first team picture on though.

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