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Upgrade complete - bugs and notes here

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That looks real good on the video mate it's just nowt like that on my screen at work, however we still use windows xp so I'm guessing that there's other things not up to date that mean I don't get the right lay out. Not yet tried in on my mac tho and on my iPhone is fine but can't get anything on my iPad just the message saying it's offline still.

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dns isn't updated for ya yet i guess (same for me),

shouldn't matter if it's xp though that's what i've got in work as well unless it's a properly outdated version of ie or your work has some odd security policies set on the browser.

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Had to go look what you/gemmill were on about, i never actually used it, the dropdown box with the list of forums in it?


What about if i stuck another quick nav icon down here beside where it says back to General chat/next unread top?


(the quick nav icon/link is up the top beside where it says Rules/View new content)

Aye, that's the one.


Erm - I don't know what the second part means. :lol:


But having that bit back would be a treat, as it's on every other forum that I use.



Johnny change your theme to Light-Amended, see after the last post in a thread now where that drop down was and it says

"Back to General Chat · Next Unread Topic →"

hit the wee icon beside Back to general chat, will that do ya? should be same results/button presses as using a dropdown

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@Tecato & J69 etc

These changes will be something for you lads to hassle Craig/PP about, i've no eye for design at all i just implemented stuff and then let the lads pick over it and get me to make tweeks.

(bar the sbr banner/star icons which was me arsing about because i like a smaller banner height personally)


But if they agree they'd/you'd all rather have the text a bit enlarged and the darker/offblack colours than the blue, makes no odds to me (it was originally red which obviously had to go)



it all is massively different to the other boards, but unfort the way the skins are now there is no way to have the one we had previously, and for the most part because they are so different it's a bit of a shock to get used to.



oh aye on that amended on i added in a 1px separator fudge for the pinned topics, not sure if i like it tbh, but so far no joy making them a different shade colour wise so

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Great work. Just a bit of newness to get used to. (SBR theme ftw!)


Been having a bit more of a snoop around. Quite a few little changes here and there that look like pretty good ideas. Like the new profile bit, showing all the topics and posts you've made, pretty useful. Also noticed the "Display Name History" bit, which, for some of the people on here, is quite a damn good idea! Not sure if it was there before (memory of a fish sometimes) but I like the new get back to forum list thing at the top. Pretty sure the previous one only had main boards (?) which didn't include the gaming forum which I always found a bit odd. But now that the toontastic bit at the root takes me to all the boards I am happy! So, er, yeah. Nice one. :good: (Its getting on a bit and I'm tired, hence this reading like a child wrote it).


Btw, just wondering, and nothing to do with the upgrade, but how do the statuses work above the avatars? Guessing mine is based on my lowly number of posts, but Besty has Cabs to fit his ava etc, just wondering basically how that all works?


I feel dirty for saying this, but I agree with Kevin, is there a way of making the edited post bit a little less in your face? (But that's the only thing I can see that can be a criticism).

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rightio i've

  • amended the edit box on all themes
  • added a small break inbetween the pinned/normal topics to make it look a bit more distinct/seperated
  • added a quick_nav button down beside the "back to general chat" at the bottom of each thread, it'll replace the dropdown box+go button from the old forum.

the light v light amended text colour bit will be down to the other lads i've pointed them at it anyways, personally i prefer the blue/boldblue bit i could increase the size of the BoldBlue-unread text a bit to make it more distinct but we'll see what the general consensus is.




Merged the topic from here and the footy section cba bouncing between the two.

Edited by Ant
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