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Carroll`s career so far in Liverpool

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£15m fee agreed with West Ham.


If we don't come in and match that (which we fucking well should be) then I'd be interested to see who we're going to sign up front.


We probably won't match West Ham's wages anyway. :bunny:

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I can see him knocking back an initial offer from them like. Or sitting on it and see what comes in. As much as I'd like him here, I think we will look for a cheaper deal in Europe.

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surely its a no brainer, you get the player back and have made 20 million profit. Sounds like ashley business to me. If we wont pay that money its a sign of the times ahead (mediocrity)


That's a good way to look at it actually, kind of like we've loaned him out for a few years for a £20m fee.

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Don't want us to pay 15mill for Andy Carroll for the simple reason that he's not that good. Also we don't have the players to feed him what he needs.

We have become adept at the pointless floated ball to the back post which he is quite suited to tbf.

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We aren't adept at it. We're adept at floating it into areas which are completely ineffectual no matter who is there. My point was more that we don't own either a true winger to get to the byline or a strong crosser from deep like Barton used to do when Carroll was tearing it up. I don't want to go back to that style either.

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So Liverpool went from a strike force of Torres and N'gog, to Suarez and Sturridge via Andy Carroll and all told it only cost them £800k....



Carroll -£35m

Suarez -£22.8m

Sturidge -£12m

Total -£-69.8m




Torres +£50m

Carroll +£15m

N'gog +£4m

Total £69m


Good business tbh

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