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Editing PES 5 (PC)


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Anyone got any mods patches concerning teams, kits, badges and stadiums?


I got one changing names and badges. Some of the strips are done as well, but its not complete.


I've just got the game and on the basis of the demo I had a few months back I thought FIFA 06 just nicked it as the better game.


I got FIFA when it was first released and now having played the full version of both games I have to say FIFA is MILES better.


PES 5 is frustrating with all the silly names. You can change the team names and badges and you can change the stadium names but when you go to play a game the stadiums still have silly things like MAGPIE PARK and TRAD BRICK STADIUM (what sort of a name is that anyway?) and in the commentry, it's still 'Tyneside' or 'Man Red' or 'West Midlands Village' etc.


And the gameplay isn't all that great either.

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